The Unfiltered Guide to ERISA for Medical Providers-PACKAGE

This is the PDF & Printed published version of the book.  You get both - so that you have the January 2019 updated version PDF within 24 hours of ordering and the 2017 version printed book shipped to you within 2 days.  The pdf version has the newest letters, including the one to send to the carrier after they have recouped, demanding they refund that recouped amount BACK to you!

Almost every medical office, clinic, hospital and medical provider are being lied to and stolen from, every single day by insurance companies, without the medical provider even KNOWING they are being lied to.  This book will explain the secrets of using ERISA to stop commercial carriers from improperly denying claims, successfully demanding refunds or even recouping on claims from physicians, hospitals and clinics.     It will give the physician, hospital and clinic the tools they need to stop the down-coding that takes place every single day by commercial insurance carriers - again - without the clinic even knowing they were down-coded.    It's true!  

Look at the last EOB you received from a commercial carrier.  Notice that the CPT code has been replaced with the word "VISIT".   You do not know what code they downcoded to or paid.  This book will help you.    It will also help you stop improper bundling by carriers and more.

Stop the insurance carriers from stealing from you and from the patient by KNOWING what the rules are.   You do not have to let them take money back from you as it's not their money, as explained in this book with quotes from the U.S. Supreme Court on this very issue.    You do not have to let them downcode you.   You do not have to let them improperly bundle services.   You do not have to accept their denial based on medical necessity determiend by a nurse when your doctor says it's necessary.  You do not have to let them deny because of "timely filing" simply because you were unaware that the patient's policy is the ONLY thing that dictates the filing period.    




  •               Investigational ABD
  •          Threatened Recoupment
  •          Timely Filing ABD
  •          Improper Bundling ABD
  •          Down-Coded Claim ABD
  •          Medical Necessity ABD


This book will probably help the typical one doctor medical practice by thousands per year while hospitals will undoubtably save hundreds of thousands per year. 



"I think it was awesome and the way you presented it was far easier than any other publication on ERISA. There was no legal mumbo-Jumbo and I really think anyone listening was completely educated!!"     Linda Walker



"Don's info on ERISA was excellent. It provided me with those 'AH HA" moments we all look for to increase our revenue"  Lynn Meadows, Advanced Surgical Associates, Mesa, AZ



"This  is very straight forward and easy to understand.  I also love your book on ERISA and office management".  Cindy Rush, Southern Family Medicine, Claxton, GA



"It is very advantageous information for anyone in the healthcare billing field".   Heidi Cornelius, Mobile Physician Services, New Port Richey, FL



"If you do not have ERISA tools in your denials toolbox, you are walking around with an empty toolbox and are unable to optimize the compliant income your providers worked for and should be paid for."  Barbara Cobuzzi, CPC, CRN Healthcare,  Tinton Falls, NJ


"Very informative and at times very amusing. Tons of useful information."  Rhonda Barrett,  Wyoming Neurological Assoc., Casper, WY



"Most clinics are certainly misinformed about ERISA and would benefit tremendously from watching this webinar."  Carrie Pruitt, The FIRM,  Hunt, TX



"Not one person I have talked to has ever heard of ERISA... including myself and a coworker who has been in medical billing for 25 years!  This was great!"   Ashley Sewald,  Wyoming Neurological Assoc.,   Casper, WY



"If you bill insurance, you need to know about ERISA. Don't just give your money away!"  Linda Vargas,  University Physicians Assoc. Kansas City, KS


"How appropriate to end the day with notification from a major insurance company that an appeal previously denied for timely (due to the 90 day payer contract) was successful! I had taken a break from off-work hours to organize some of my ERISA materials and decided to post some payments when lo and behold....there was the prize!!!   It was only a little over a month ago when I solicitied some help and advice from Don in pursuit of following the procedures outlined in Don's ERISA book. Prior attempts the "conventional" ways had failed and without the ERISA knowledge the claim would have been written off.  
Thanks to Don and everyone for their help. I listened, and learned and and hopefully will have increased my value as an employee!
---Suzanne “




Just wanted to give a BIG shout out to Don and staff on the ERISA Webinar earlier today! I have gained profound valuable knowledge that I feel no doubt will increase our physicians revenue. The cost of the webinar will be paid for in full and then some I'm sure on the first case we apply your teachings to.    Lisa Rodriguez, CPODC      Billing Manager       Fortville, IN  

The Unfiltered Guide to ERISA for Medical Providers-PACKAGE
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