An ON-DEMAND WEBINAR.    EVERY Medical office, hospital, billing agency, nursing home, dentist and others providing medical care are REQUIRED to check on every employee and employee of every contractor they use on a REGULAR basis to ensure they are not excluded.   The OIG considers the "regular basis" to be monthly as do the judges and courts assigned CMP fines.

Yes - you read this correctly.   Most everyone you work with believes that only medical providers (doctors, mid levels, pharmacists, etc) have to be checked - but THAT IS NOT TRUE.  You can be fined if your nurse was excluded in another state.  You can be fined if your billing person was excluded when she worked at a previous office, or if the billing company you use has an excluded person.

This one hour ON-DEMAND webinar will cover the updated requirements (updated as recently as October 2014) to MONTHLY screen EVERY employee in medical practices.    It covers not only what a person can be excluded for - but also the fact that EVERY employee and not only medical providers must be screened routinely.   

The webinar will show you not only how to screen each employee, but also where you will find the screening tools, the hard way to accomplish it and the easy way.

 We will cover the federal and state regulations as well as the Civil Money Penalties that are being assessed for failure to follow the law.

Recent changes in HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES regulations, as enforced by the Office of Inspector General have not only added additional requirements, but also doubled some of the Civil Money Penalties that can be assessed.

in January 2009, CMS issued a State Medicaid Director Letter (SMDL) recommending that States require providers to screen all employees and contractors monthly. In 2011, CMS issued final regulations mandating States to screen all enrolled providers monthly.27 

IN the last 3 months of 2015, more than $4.2 Million dollars have been assessed in CMPs against physician offices, nursing homes, hospitals and others.    The amount of money and audits that have occurred for screening exemption CMP has doubled in the past year with increases expected.  The fines are $10,000 per claim filed to government programs while the person was employed by you.   How many claims a day do you file to Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare?  Do you have proof that not one of your employees previously worked for another company that was excluded as Lousiana or several state laws require?   Or do you know that not one employee in your clinic or hospital was EVER previously excluded as is required by Texas law?    We will be discussing these laws in this webinar.

As always, you are guaranteed a full refund if you're not pleased with this webinar.  At the conclusion of the LIVE webinar, questions will be asked and afterwards, each attendee will be sent a movie file and pdf file so you can share it with your entire staff over and over again, at no additional cost!

This one hour webinar will go into detail about how to screen, who must be screened and what must be kept as proof to make sure the auditors at the OIG are satisfied.  You can DOWNLOAD this webinar and let each employee watch it as many times as you wish.

Within minutes of paying, you should receive a link with the 2 files (pdf and movie file) so you can download both - and have them on your computer.

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