Speakers:    Ann Moll, CMOM, CHCO, CHCC & Don Self


This is a separate 2 part webinar (each one must be paid for separately, as those attendees using this webinar for required training purposes need to be able to show they have HIPAA Privacy and/or Security training completed - majority will need both).     

The $129 tuition covers one person for one training.    You can save $49 by paying for both for only $199 by clicking on the bundled package below.   You will need to register and pay separately to sit in on BOTH sessions if you do them individually..   The fee is per person and includes the training certificate, which you will receive after taking and passing the test to show good understanding for HIPAA Privacy and/or Security.

If you have multiple people in your office that need to have the training and training certificate, each person will need to register & pay independently. 

"The HITECH Act raises the bar for both covered entities and their business associates. The HITECH addition of new federal privacy and security provisions does not relieve covered entities of their ongoing HIPAA privacy and security training requirements that state covered entities must continue to provide HIPAA training to "employees, volunteers, trainees, and other persons whose conduct in the performance of work for a covered entity is under the direct control of such entity." 

In addition, all workforce members who could possibly be involved with PHI must be trained, including current and new employees, as well as retraining staff when changes occur in an organization's rules, policies, or procedures. Because the HITECH Act extends some HIPAA privacy and security provisions and adds new regulations that affect all workforce members, organizations must ensure their workforce is aware of these rules, how they are to be applied, and the procedures and policies for complying with them. 

Section 164.530 of the HIPAA privacy rule states "A covered entity must retain the documentation required by paragraph (j)(1) of this section for six years."  The covered entity must document that training has occurred with each applicable employee/member.

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