FEBRUARY 16 (SATURDAY) HALF DAY LIVE WEBINAR on E&M Coding, Modifiers, Billing, ERISA, Chronic Care Management, 2019 Changes, Cognitive Assessments, Remote Monitoring & More.   

10am - 3pm central     

11am - 4pm eastern

9am - 2pm mountain

8am - 1pm pacific


5 AMBA CEUs & 5 AAPC CEUs pending

1.     E&M Coding – Much easier than you think

2.     Nurses can do entire AWV – which brings in $250 to $335
3.     ERISA can stop carrier recoupments

4.     CMS changes in 2019 – 2021
5.     Why Medicare is the most profitable of all payers for primary care providers
6.     CCM is profitable & beneficial
7.     Practice Analytics – increase $ to any practice with data
8.     Compare your E&M Utilization to others to  see if you’re under-coding or flagging audits
9.     Use ERISA to make carriers pay
10.  Identify which services providers should be billing for
11.  See how the OIG selects whom to audit automatically

12.  Documenting or coding Rule-Out Diagnosis? Good or bad?

13.  Common coding mistakes identified

14.  Prolonged Visit Coding
15.  See where critical care can be billed
16.  SNF consolidated billing rules
17.  ERISA invalidates timley filing limits
18.  See when your billed fees are retarding your payments
19.  Choosing visits based on time
20.  Incident-To billing rules
21.  MDM documenting is easy
22.  Cognitive testing is very profitable & easy
23.  It is extremely Dangerous to offshore billing or coding
24.  How to review Medicare billing on any doctor in USA
25.  FPs should average $1105 per year per Medicare patient – in payments – see why.
26.  New virtual check-in isn’t worth it financially

27.  Learn how you can become more valuable to your employer by knowing ERISA


First 50 registered will receive a free E&M Documentation Sliderule used by thousands that includes the 95 and 97 guidelines.  Please make sure you put your complete mailing address so that the sliderule will be delivered.


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