Recording of Full day of LIVE WEBINARS with Don Self recorded in September 2016.   


Instead of you sending 2 or 3 employees to travel to a hotel, buy meals and hotel accomodations, we're offering this full day webinar package for $495.   These include not only the downloadable movie file for each of the 9 webinars taught but also the pdf files so you have an image file of each screen for your staff to review.   This package also includes an E&M sliderule mailed to your office at no extra charge.

You will have these files on your computer to show your current employees as well as any that may join you six months, a year or three years from now:


  • E&M Coding - (What you’ve heard repeated so many times may not be true) 
  • How & Why You may want to code based on time
  • When a Prolonged Service Code is Necessary
  • How performing Chronic Care Management can increase the clinic income by $300K a year
  • Code Descriptions Change - but most physicians do not change as easily
  • How to Compare Your Coding Utilization to National Averages
  • A Very Easy Way to select the appropriate level of CPT code
  • Removing the Mystery of selecting Medical Decision Making
  • Knowing when You should have different fee schedules
  • Easy Tips on How to Know When You’re Under-Charging
  • Why you should screen every employee every month to comply with the OIG
  • Why the OIG is watching Incident-To Billing so closely
  • Learn how to get your medical supplier to lower their prices by 25%
  • See how your NURSE performing AWVs can increase the income by $110K - $175K p/year in most primary care offices.
  • Find out why Medicare says your doctor does not need to see the patient during the AWV if you do it properly.
  • Discover how knowing ERISA and a simple fax can stop a carrier from recouping
  • Why carriers do not want you to know the secrets of ERISA
  • How the timely filing portion of your contracts may not be applicable
  • How to report on PQRS and take less than 2 hours a year to do so
  • Collection Tips and what not to do
  • See which diagnostics in the office are profitable and which are dangerous
  • See why you may not need to buy any more CPT or ICD9 or ICD10 books
  • Why you should probably not be using some mobile diagnostic services
  • Identify which services you’re performing but not yet billing for
  • How ERISA can reverse a commercial carrier's denial for medical necessity
  • How using ERISA can make a carrier pay when they don't want to
  • Plus so much more

YES - there will be a break for lunch and time to get refreshements and the ability to ask questions!

Tuition is only $495 for 9 webinars rolled into one day AND it includes an E&M Sliderule being mailed to you before the webinar (if you register in time to receive it through the mail)!    That is only $55 per webinar when most charge more than $200 per each one hour webinar.  WHAT A DEAL!


After we process your credit card and receive notification, we will email you (usually within 24 hours) a Sharefile link so you can download all of the movie files and pdf files and we'll place a sliderule in the mail to you. 



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