E&M Documentation is Easy ON DEMAND Webinar

One hour 2016 On Demand webinar entitled E&M IS EASY, which you can watch anytime.   This DOWNLOADABLE webinar shows you how EASY it is to follow the E&M Documenation Guideline.  

Physicians and Practitioners get confused by the language and the guidelines and therefore - the majority either under-code (costing them money) or over-code (leaving them open for fraud and abuse).  Some associations make it very complicated and as a result - their coding members make it confusing to the doctors - when it shouldn't have to be.   What many people need 3 hours to teach, Don is able to effectively and simply teach most providers within 25 minutes by using the method in this webinar.

The best part is this is an On Demand webinar

We record every webinar in a WMV file (anyone with a Windows computer has Windows Media Viewer & those with Apples can download a WMV player) and you can watch the webinar as often as you wish when you download it to your computer.

You also get the powerpoint slides in a PDF file so that you will have everything that the people sitting in on a live webinar gets, so you can show it to your physician, your staff, your family, and even your manicurist if you wish.   The best part is that you can pause it, refresh your coffee or get more popcorn and hit play the same way you do your favorite DVD movies.

When you buy the On Demand webinar, we will email you two links to the particular webinar you want.  One is the MP4 file and the other link is the PDF file.   The mp4 file is usually 52 mb to 64 mb in size, so that may take 15 minutes on a high speed connection or 6 1/2 days on a 14kb dial up to download.  Once it has downloaded, you have the webinar on YOUR computer so you can watch it as often as you wish.

We ask that you not share this with anyone OUTSIDE of your office or clinic as this is how Don provides for his family and that would be like copying CDs, copying books, etc... 

With the help of the sliderule, this 1 Hour On Demand webinar is teaching you how to code the office visits, hospital visits, nursing home visits, consultations (yes - they are still used by many carriers), when to use time to determine the code, when to use prolonged service codes, critical care codes and more.

Oh yeah - your entire staff can sit in on this webinar, including your doctors, mid levels, office manager, billers, coders, CPA, pharmaceutical reps that buy you lunch during the webinar, ex-in-laws or whomever else you want on this one special price.  Within minutes of buying this on demand webinar, you will get an email with the downloadable links.  Get your popcorn ready.

E&M Documentation is Easy ON DEMAND Webinar
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