A one hour WEBINAR on Effective ways to Market your Billing Agency to physicians, clinics and their office managers or administrators.  This is an ON-DEMAND webinar, so you can download it to your computer and play it as often as you would like.  Unlike Amazon Prime or Redbox, you are not limited to only 24 hours or 48 hours or only watching it once or twice.  You can watch it every night... if you don't have a life and you're the most bored person on the earth....and you need psychiatric counseling.


There are some ways to get doctors and managers to listen to you that WORK and some ways that do NOT work (mailers, phone messages, begging, threats, etc) and we'll be discussing them in this live webinar.  


We will be discussing

  • Non Painful Ways to Market Your Billing Agency
  • Non Expensive Ways to get Physicians to Listen to You
  • Why should managers and physicians even want to talk to YOU?
  • Should you advertise lower prices and lower your perceived value?
  • What sets you apart from other agencies (some good ideas in this section)
  • Why you should mention that you're USA based
  • What are YOU willing to do to get their business (or not do?)
  • Do Doctors recognize or care about your credentials?
  • Ways to get the office manager to WANT to meet you and talk with you.
  • Why you should not lower your peceived value by buying them lunch.
  • Is spending thousands on a booth at a convention worth it?  Does it work?
  • Should you center your billing business on specific specialties?
  • What is the best way to get the attention of the office manager or doctor?
  • How to use their billing history to make them want to talk to you.
  • How to use their billing history to make them want to HIRE you.
  • Plus so much more


Tuition is only $95 for this one hour webinar, plus our guarantee.  If you're not pleased with the content of this webinar, let us know, afterwards, and get a full refund.   


PLEASE NOTE:  When you pay for this webinar, you will receive a downloadable pdf file that gives you a link.   That link will take you to Sharefile where you can download the 640mb file to your computer and you can play the mp4 movie file on your computer as often as you would like.


Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Redbox - we do NOT provide popcorn or soda with the movie.




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