A 1 Hour ON-DEMAND Webinar on AWVs that dispel myths and show physicians why they should not be doing the AWVs…… themselves, but why they SHOULD be having their nurse do it on EVERY MEDICARE patient they see

This hour will show the physicians, managers, billers and coders:
  • How performing the AWV the right way on 2 patients a day will increase an average primary care practice income by more than $114,000 per year.
  • Why the majority of offices doing AWVs today will have to pay money back to Medicare when they are audited by Recovery Audit Contractors because they are not doing what is required
  • Why Medicare pays 100% of the G0438 and G0439 fee and why this doesn’t apply to the deductible
  • The best way to get patients to come into the office for the annual wellness visit
  • The difference between the Medicare AWV and an annual physical
  • How using the AWV to achieve better medical outcomes is part of the Evidenced Based Medicine guidelines
  • How to explain to patients in a way they will understand why they will NOT see the doctor during the AWV
  • The most effective way to detect cognitive impairment & get to bill for it.
  • How to identify and follow the Medicare LCDs regarding the testing associated with the AWV
  • How the AWV does not require any of the physician’s time to perform
  • How to automate the test so that future AWVs are performed seamlessly
  • Why the depression screening cannot be performed while the patient is in the office getting the AWV
  • How to perform and bill the alcohol misuse screening in conjunction with the AWV
  • The Medicare regulations showing that a full year does not have to pass before the next AWV can and should be done
  • What a medical assistant cannot be the person completing the AWV - but your nurse can.
  • Why the Health Risk Reduction Plan is an integral and necessary part of the AWV
  • Why your colleagues are making $115 per AWV and how you can be making $212 for each one
  • How you are REQUIRED to give a written report of the AWV to the patient
and more

The $189 price is for you and/or anyone in your office.  You will get download instructions so you can download the movie file and pdf file and watch it over and over and let your employees watch it as well.

 Physicians and their staff will be surprised at how easy it is to perform the Medicare Annual Wellness visits that Medicare wants them to perform.

If you are not satisfied with the information presented in this webinar, you are welcome to email us and request a 100% refund - but we will not pay for your popcorn and refreshments you consumed during the webinar. 



1 CEU from the AMBA (American Medical Billing Association), NHCLA (National Health Care Leaders Assn) and PAHCS (Professional Assn of Healthcare Coding Specialists)
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