For 28 years, Don has been analyzing practices to show the doctor, administrator or manager how the practice can increase profitability.   For the first time in those 28 years, we have an ON-DEMAND webinar on this subject.  The one hour ON-DEMAND webinar will SHOW YOU what we do when we are asked to review or analyze a practice.  OK - there are two different kinds of analysis that we perform.  One is an onsite-in-person complete analysis including copies of claims, eobs, new patient forms, etc... and that one carries a $100,000 increase guarantee.  This webinar is NOT that one.  This one is where we look at a procedure code frequency report from the practice - or from the data just released by CMS on all Medicare claims submitted by every provider in 2014.   

We will show you how to review either frequency report to spot what the practice is not billing or what to identify that may be flagging audits at Medicare or the Recovery Audit Contractors.  On top of that, we'll show you what data trolls (bounty hunters) are looking for on these reports to identify who they want to file Qui Tam federal lawsuits against.   We'll show you how to compare the national averages of the E&M coding to the particular practice you are reviewing, as well as how to spot what the practice is NOT doing - but perhaps should be.  In some cases, it may be that the practice is actually performing services that they are not billing for (this happens most often), simply because someone told them that they couldn't bill for it.  In other cases, it may be that the physician or medical practitioner doesn't realize that if they report the service to their biller - that it can be billed and generate income.   In some instances, practices are sending services out to a third party medical provider simply because they do not realize that the service can be paid for in their own practice - often quite profitably.


 Once you pay for this webinar on this shopping page, you will get an email with a link to a SHAREFILE that has several files in it, including a movie file (of the entire webinar), a pdf file of all of the slides and a pdf file of the utilization percentages for the E&M codes for 24 different specialties based on the most recent (2014) data released by CMS.


The $149 price is for you and/or anyone in your office.  You may have your entire staff in a conference room watching it or you can be watching it from your own home if you wish.  You can watch it over and over as you add new employees, as it will be on your computer

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