PDF book - Don's REVISED Unfiltered Guide to Med. Office Mgmnt

This is the updated (2013) REVISED PDF version of The 316 page book (60 pages longer than the original) covering management, reimbursement, billing, coding, collections, PQRI, evaluation and management documentation, Electronic Medical Records, setting fees, consultations, billing for pre-operative physicals, choosing ICD-9 and learning ICD-10, popular modifiers and more. This verson even includes the PPACA (Obamacare) as well as the Coding Advbisor Portal that we spent more than 4 years creating.   After paying, you will receive an email with a link to the downloadable PDF file (1.3 mb) of the book that can be read with any PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat), as well as a link in the email to where you can download a free copy of Adobe Reader. If you have a Kindle, you can also copy it from your computer into your Kindle and read it via the Kindle - although Kindles do not do a great job of allowing you to adjust font size with pdf files the way they do with Kindle books.

The book includes the following subjects:  Office Policies, Practice Location, Marketing your practice, Medicare Participation Status, Participation With Managed/Mangled Care Plans, Red Flag Laws, Prior To The Patient Arriving, When The Patient Arrives, Prescription Refills, No-Show Fee, The Reception Area, Why Patients Leave Clinics, Collecting The Deductible And/Or Co-Insurance, Fees & Discounts, Self-Pay Agreement, Double Booking – Double Trouble, Reporting Office And Insurance Theft & Fraud, Choosing The Medical Office Manager, HIPAA – Not HIPPA, Breach of PHI, Patient Sign In Forms, E&M DOCUMENTATION PRINCIPLES,  Medicare Documentation Pointers,  E&M Chief Complaint, EMR, EMR Incentive Payments, EMR – True Benefit, Mediocre Care, PQRI, Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN), Using A Nurse Practitioner Or Physician Assistant, Incident-To Billing, Coding, Consultations, Handling Medicare Secondary In Hospital, Pre-Op Physicals, When Doctor Doesn’t Document Enough, Linking Diagnosis Code To CPT Code, Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), Choosing The ICD-9 Code, ICD-10 Facts, When Is A Nurse Visit (99211) Appropriate?, 99211 & PT/INR, Using Time To Determine Level Of Code, Prolonged Service Coding, Initial Inpatient Care (Admits), Modifier AI, Admit From Emergency Room To Inpatient Hospital, Admit To Critical Care From E.R., Critical Care Billing, Outpatient (24 - 48 Hour) Observation Admits/Visits, Discharging The Patient From The Hospital, Hospital Discharge & Nursing Home Admit On Same Day, Pronouncing Death, Modifiers    Progress Note Blunders, Signed, But Not Read, Sports &  School Physicals, Health Reform & more.

PDF book - Don's REVISED Unfiltered Guide to Med. Office Mgmnt
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