The one hour ON-DEMAND webinar will teach you what 95% of billers, hospital administrators, office managers, coders, physicians and attorneys do NOT know about ERISA and medical claims.   Too often, even attorneys have no clue how ERISA can stop a carrier from recouping or how ERISA can make a carrier pay when they do not want to.  
Here are some quotes from professional billers:
THANK YOU DON!!!!! In all my years of working in this business I never realized how much ERISA really mattered.. I would have banged my head against the wall and with the State dept of Insurance. Again .. thank you.. J I went through all my bills and EOB’s and all of my bills were paid.. going back to last year…. I have been fighting with them for a LONG TIME!!      Linda Walker

"How appropriate to end the day with notification from a major insurance company that an appeal previously denied for timely (due to the 90 day payer contract) was successful! I had taken a break from off-work hours to organize some of my ERISA materials and decided to post some payments when lo and behold....there was the prize!!!   It was only a little over a month ago when I solicitied some help and advice from Don in pursuit of following the procedures outlined in Don's ERISA book. Prior attempts the "conventional" ways had failed and without the ERISA knowledge the claim would have been written off.  
Thanks to Don and everyone for their help. I listened, and learned and and hopefully will have increased my value as an employee!
---Suzanne “
Just wanted to give a BIG shout out to Don and staff on the ERISA Webinar earlier today! I have gained profound valuable knowledge that I feel no doubt will increase our physicians revenue. The cost of the webinar will be paid for in full and then some I'm sure on the first case we apply your teachings to.    Lisa Rodriguez, CPODC      Billing Manager       Fortville, IN  

I think this is the first webinar that I have really learned a lot of information from, within an hour I learned a lot of stuff that I never knew and it was extremely easy to understand   Kimberly Davidson

This one hour webinar will teach you 

  • Why your current Assignment of Benefits may not help with ERISA claims
  • How that more than 80% of the claims you file every day are actually ERISA claims
  • How to stop insurance carriers from recouping on previous claims with just one fax
  • Why a Department of Labor law takes precedence over state Insurance laws on YOUR health claims
  • That the contract you signed with the insurance carrier may not be valid regarding timely filing limits
  • How you have at least 180 days to appeal the claim instead of what the carrier tells you
  • Why you are not prohibited from balance billing patients on non-assigned claims - even in Florida
  • Why ERISA trumps contracts between you and carriers and even state law… every time
  • How to appeal so that the carriers HAVE to pay you on “medical necessity” denials
  • Why more than 70% of billing people in physicians and hospitals have never filed a true appeal
  • How to get carriers to send you a check - even if they already paid the patient
  • Why timely filing limits in contracts do not apply on most commercial insurance claims
  • How to appeal a “bundled” denial in a way to make the carrier pay
  • Why the right approach has nothing to do with the state insurance board
  • Why talking to the claims department at a carrier is a waste of time
  • Wording to use to get the carriers corporate office to contact you quickly
  • Quotes from the U S Supreme Court to include in letters to the carrier
and more


 Once you pay for this webinar on this shopping page, you will get an email with a link to the GoToWebinar  link that you will need to log onto at least 15 minutes prior to the webinar.    

The $189 price is for you and/or anyone in your office.  You will be provided a link to the PDF file and the movie file from the webinar, so you and your staff can watch it time and time again for the one fee.

 Surgery offices will probably increase their deposits by hundreds of thousands per year, using what we will teach in this webinar.  Hospitals may exceed that of surgeons and primary care offices will probably see an additional $5,000 to $15,000 per year.

If you are not satisfied with the information presented in this webinar, you are welcome to email us and request a 100% refund - but we will not pay for your popcorn and refreshments you consumed during the webinar.  


1 CEU from the AMBA (American Medical Billing Association), NHCLA (National Health Care Leaders Assn) and PAHCS (Professional Assn of Healthcare Coding Specialists)

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